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Learn A New Language: Langa Needs Beta Testers


Ok, we should just go for a test drive first. But when it comes to casual language learning games, we’re the Lamborghini to the other guy’s Ford (want to buy a Lamborghini? Click here). Chances are you can’t impress your friends with such a luxury car, but you can impress them with your fancy second language vocabulary skills! Starting with our Spanish, French, and English Beta version.

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We are actively seeking eager beavers (that castores in Española and castor in Français!) to test our prototype who will provide feedback on our system—from entertainment value to the accuracy of our state-of-the-art voice recognition technology.

Up to now we’ve been gathering data and user feedback in a real lab setting to develop LANGA into an entertaining, evidence-based gamification of language learning. But now it’s time to bring LANGA out of the lab and into the hands of real-world users.

How is LANGA different from other digital language learning systems?

See how quickly you can learn 4 news words in French, Spanish, or English. That’s it! Even YOU can learn 4 new words. After, we just ask that you complete our survey that will help us make sure everything is in fine working order!


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